The Magic of Sustainability!
How does a building as big and iconic as the Empire State Building use innovation and sustainability to make the impossible possible? Jason Latimer takes us on a tour of this world-famous building to learn why it’s considered a leader in sustainability. With a behind the scene look from Director of Energy, Sustainability and ESG, Dana Robbins Schneider, we learn about the innovative techniques used across every aspect of the building, to minimize environmental impact…..and might just get a look at the secret underground wind tunnels…. Make sure to stay until the end for an IMPOSSIBLE magic trick, NEVER seen before!

0:00 Intro
0:29 PT 1: Impossible Engineering
1:16 PT 2: What is Sustainability?
4:42 PT 3: A Trick Like No Other
5:41 Thank You!

This episode is in honor of National STEM/STEAM Day on November 8 with a very special thanks to our friends at the Empire State Building and Dana Robbins Schneider for their help in creating this video.

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Lesson Plans: Empire State Building: Engineering
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